Power Electronics based project for your final year projects. :
1. Divide-By-N Counter Realisation Using ICs CD4033 And CD4017
2. Face Recognition Based Access Control
3. Development of FPGA based PCI bus arbiter multiprocessor Environment
4. SMS Chatting Using RF
5. Voice Based Activation And Control System Of Devices
6. IR Based Appliance Control System
7. Micro Controller based Library Management System
8. Diagnosis and debugging of programmable logic controller control programs by neural
9. Fuzzy Petri net-based programmable logic controller
10. Fully Automatic Emergency Light
11. FPGA
12. Watchman Watcher
13. RFID based Automatic Room Light with Access control
14. Traffic Light Controller using PC
15. Wireless Stepper Motor Using Microcontroller
16. Control of tap change under load transformers through the use of programmable logic
17. Automatic shutter control system with intelligent security system
18. Automated Ventilation System for Restaurants
19. Pc based electronic charger
20. Voting on telephone line.
21. MICROCONTROLLER BASED Blind Stick Using Infrared
22. Mobile Phone Operated Robot
23. Fire Fighting Robot including red time blowing off fire using Fire extinguisher
24. Versatile CMOS TTL Logic And Clock Probe
25. Auto Reset Over-Under Voltage Cut-Out
26. Transistorized Logic Probe for TTL
27. Picnic Lamp
28. Single-Gate Square Wave Generator
29. Sensitive Vibration Detector
30. Implementation of PCM (pulse code modulation) on Speech signals.
31. PIC microcontroller based dead weight indicator system with three positions
32. Microcontroller based school bell system using DallasRTC
33. Telephone Call Recorder
34. Sun Seeker
35. Web Camera Positioning System
36. Midnight Security Light
37. Implementation of fail - safe control systems using programmable logic controllers
38. Car Anti-Theft Wireless Alarm
39. Reversible DC Motor Control Using PWM
40. Stabilised Power Supply With Short-Circuit Indication
41. microcontroller based medical wheel chair control system
42. Boiler Automation System Using PLC
43. Clap Remote
44. Anti-Collision Rear Light
45. Washing Machine Motor Controller
46. Six Channel Petrochemical Fire Monitoring & Control Station
47. Web-based simulations and intelligent tutoring system for programmable logic controller
48. Four-In-One Burglar Alarm
49. Digital Fan Regulator
50. USB (Serial) Microcontroller Based Equipment Control
51. Build A Carbon Monoxide SNIFFER
52. Home Security System
53. Wireless Stepper / Dc Motor Control
54. Design of pulse Oximetry Monitor System
55. A distance PLC programming course employing a remote laboratory based on a flexible
56. SPEED Control of DC motor using PWM technique
57. Telephone Answering Matching
58. Economical Pump Controller
59. uC based Rank Display system with IR Sensor Racing Detector
60. Equipment Control Using Mobile
61. I2cprotocol Based Real Time Clock Control Application
62. I V R S For Industries
63. Computer operated Football robot (wired) Dc motor operated
64. Particulates Monitoring Using Light Beam Attenuation
65. Robot For Garden Maintenance
66. Alcohol Sensor with Auto Supply Cut off and Alarm Indication.
67. Calling Number Identification Using Calculator
68. Automatic Plant Irrigation System
69. Dc Motor Direction Control
70. Vehicle Guiding Through Remote
71. MicroController based XY Positioning System
72. Automatic Bottle filling System using PLC for multinational company.
73. Robot Control Using TV Remote
74. Automatic refilling plant
75. Digital Speedometer
76. Temperature meter [censored] on/off controller on PC
77. Voice Transmitter In Power Line And Switching
78. Point of Sale (POS) Terminal with Wireless Data Logging TO PC
79. Irrigation control
80. Object recognition robot using image recognition
81. Obstacle detection Robot.
82. Digital Door Bell
83. LPG Detector Alarm
84. Aquarium Probe
85. Car-Reversing Horn With Flasher
86. Sound operated robot manipulation
87. PIC microcontroller based soccer robot control
88. Street Light Control Through Computer
90. Build A Simple Infrared Illuminator
91. Auto Start, Auto Through Material Handling Lifts System
93. Car Anti-theft Guard
94. Electrical Distribution Control With Control Timing
95. Digital Mains Voltage Indicator
96. Automatic object sensing and object cleaning robot in industries:
97. Mobile Phone Battery Charger
98. Development Of Advanced Automated Railway Gate Control System
99. Long Range Fm Transmitter
100. Microcontroller Based Canteen Automation
101.Automatic Night Lamp With Morning Alarm

Electronics Projects :
1.Adaptive Lighting System for Automobiles
2.Traffic Priority for Ambulance
3.Distributed Control System
4.Distributed Input for Microcontroller
5.Distributed Output System.
6.Current Loop Modem Communication from MC to MC
7.Current Loop Modem Communication from MC to PC
8.Railway Helpline Display
9.Ultrasonic Alarm for Visually Impaired
10.Infrared USART For Microcontroller
11.DTMF Generation using Microcontroller
12.Data Logger With Graphics Display
13.Smart Beds
14.Remote RPM Data Logger
15.Soil Moisture Controller
16.Programmable Hopper Controller
17.Programmable Outgoing Barring System for Telephones
18.Servo Motor Speed Control using IR Remote
19.RC5 Decoder
20.Long Distanced Communication using IR
21.Programmable Wire Feeder For Welding Robots
22.High Precision Digital Timer
23.Temperature Data Logger
24.Programmable Serial Hub
25.Level Sensor With 4-20ma O/P
26.Ultrasonic Vibration Detector
27.Modular IR Remote Control For Industrial Automation
28.ECG Data Acquisition through IR
29.Networking Based on IR
30.Oscilloscope using Graphics LCD
31.Heart Beat Monitor And Recorder
32.RS 485 Extender
33.RS 485 Repeater
34.Remote Dish Positioning System
35.Mark Announcement System using Telephone
36.Glass Cutting Machine
37.Blood Dripping System
38.Telephone Operated Temperature Control System with Remote Control
39.Air Velocity Monitor
40.Monitoring System for UPS.
41.Security System for Remote Access using Telephone Line
42.Telephone Call Meter with Call Over Alarm
43.Prepaid Card for Call Taxi
44.Prepaid Cable Card System
45.Accident Alertness in Vehicles
46.UPS Monitoring System
47.Wire Less Communication From PC To μC
48.Power Monitoring System for Motors
49.Motor Monitoring System (V,I,F, Temp, Pf)
50.Telephone Operated Remote Robot
51.Respiration Monitor
52.Moving Message 16 Character Display
53EPROM Programmer
54.Complete Boiler Guard
55.FRC Meter
56.Servo Motor Speed Controller with Feedback
57.Weather Monitoring
58.Electronic Voting Machine
59.IR Data Analyzer
60Wire Less communication From Pc To Pc
61.PC To PC communication Through Laser/IR
62.Stepper Motor controlled By Remote Control
63.Digital Code Locking System
64.Message Transfer System Through Telephone
65.Automatic Pumping System for Vehicles
66.Door Security System sh Positioning using Wiper Motor
67.Code lock for electrical devices
68.Noise and vibration detectors
69.Inbuilt protector for motors
70.Servo Motor Speed Controller
71.Fuel Gas Detection Robot In Remote
72.Temperature controlled System
73.Automatic Wheel Alignment Robot
74.Pc to Microcontroller communication Through USART.
75.Home Automation System
76.Input Water Sensing And Overhead Tank Filling System
77.Digital Panel System
78.Motor Speed Reverse, Jogging, Breaking And Plugging System
79.Digital Weight Analyzer for Weight Bridge
80.Automatic Bus Fair System
81.Digital Frequency Meter
82.Light Brightness control Depends Upon Sunlight Intensity
83.Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
84.Automatic Panel System
85.I2C Based Running Message System
86.I2C Based Weather Station Recorder
87.I2C Based Security Code Locks
89.I2C Based Wind Speed Recorder
90.Smart Cards with I2C EPROM
91.IR adaptor for I2C BUS
92.Automatic Drilling System.
93.Satellite Tracking System
94.Home Appliances Controlled Through Telephone
95.Robot Operated Through Voice
96.Automatic Packing Machine
97.Object Counter
98.Smart Card Security Systems using I2 C Devices
99.Telephone Account Recorder
100.Temperature Monitoring And Recording Device
101.Addressable Remote Transmitter Through mains communication.
102.Solar Tracking System.
103.Motor Speed control using IR Sensor
104.DC Motor Speed controlled using Remote
105.Remote control for Home Appliance
106.Digital Anemometer
107.TSR Based Multi Channel Motor Speed Monitor
108.Telephone Answering Machine
109.Hack Saw Controller
110.Electronic Voting Machine using LCD Display and EPROM for Memory Interface
111.Voice Operated Home Appliance control System
112.Remote Data Logging using Current Loop Modems
113.Irrigation control system
114.Air Leakage Detection Based on Pressure Sensor
115.Digital Storage Tachometer
116.Closed Loop control for Servo Stabilizer
117.Crack Detector.
118.Digital IC Tester
119.Air and Fuel Ratio control System for Furnace
120.Fuzzy Logic Based Heat Exchanger with Simulation Result
121.Digital Clock Based on Real Time Clock(RTC) IC
122.Automatic Dim Dipper Programmable ON/OFF Timer Control
123.RF Signal Generator
124.Depth Measurement Based on LVDT
125.Wire Position Sensor Encoder and Distance Measurement
126.Telephone Switching
127.Automatic Ticketing Machine
128.Fuzzy Logic Based Flow Control
129.EPROM Simulators
130.Quality Control System
131.Weather Monitor
132.Object Detection using Ultrasonic Waves
133.IR Light Dimmer
134.Automatic Railway Gate Controlling System
135.Data Logger Based on RS 232 Serial Communication
136.Voice Operated Robot
137.Position control System
138.Wireless Water Level Controller
139.Weight Balance Cum Controller
140.Portable Recording System for Monitoring Vehicle Speeds
141.Vehicle Speed Storage System
142.Motion Recorder & Play Back
143.Security Recording Station Cards
144.Long Distance Communication for I2C EPROM Devices
145.Traffic Light Priority Control for Emergency Vehicles
146.Signal Plotter Based on Graphic Led
147.Paint Spraying Robot
148.Telephone Operated Machine
149.Lift control System
150.Priority for Emergency Vehicles in Traffic Signals
151.8 - Channel Water Level Controller
152.Programmable Multi Channel Water Level Controller
153.Color Detection using Image Processing
154.Pigment Adding System using Image Processing
155.Glass Breakage Detector
156.In-Circuit Programmer for ATMEL Controllers
157.PC interfaced Data Acquisitions System
158.Microcontroller Based Machine Monitoring
159.Watt-Hour-Meter using Microcontroller
160.Tyre pressure monitoring system
161.Optical Thermometer
162.Transmission Sensor For Remote Car Starter
163.FFT Implementation in Microcontrollers
164.Temperature Monitoring using Thermocouple
165.Temperature Monitoring using Thremistor
166.Precision Temperature Sensing Using RTD
167.Pressure Transmitter
168.Wireless Home security System
169.Tilt Measurement Using Microcontroller
170.Credit Card Reader
171.Environmental Monitoring
172.Cryptography using Microcontroller
173.Battery Level Monitor
174.IR Car Detector for Changing Lanes
175.RH Controller
176.Oil-Tank Level Indicator
177.3 phase Monitor
178.Motor position Control
179.Conveyer Controller
180.Multi-Zone Temperature Monitoring
181.Vibration Sensing System
182.Motor speed control through power line
183.Induction motor speed monitoring & control using PWM Technique
184.Heat exchange controller
185.SCADA Implementation in microcontroller
186.Generator Synchronization.
187.Fire Monitor using Microcontroller
188.On-load Tap-change for power transformer
189.Transformer protection system
190.Automatic humidity control for refrigerator
191.Scrolling message Display
192.Multi-channel Temperature Monitor & controller
193.Embedded Intelligent security System
194.Power factor monitor & control
195.Electricity theft Identification using RF Modems
196.Smart Networking
197.Voltage - Current, speed monitor through power line
198.Industrial monitor.
199.SMS Through landline
200.Production counter
201.Automatic dyeing machine
202.Maximum demand power meter
203.Automatic Phase Changer
204.Hospital connecting system
205.Accident identification system
206.Embedded lift controller
207.Intelligent traffic light controller
208.AVR for alternators
209.Mileage meter
210.PC- printer communication through power line
211.Machine control & fault recognition through telephone
212.Building automation system.
213.Incubator control system
214.Attendance recorder
215.Power room monitor with data logger
216.Energy billing through main line.
217.Automatic pattern cutting M/C in garments
218.Computer controlled vehicle
219.Coil - winding machine
220.EMG monitor
221.IC-engine monitoring system
222.Tension control system
223.Bank locker security system with SMS mobile alert
224.Centralized wireless monitoring in textile industries
225. Precise yarn thickness measurement
226.Automatic car parking controller using RF ID
227.Automatic weighing Bridge
228.Soft starter with overload tripping
229.Accident identification with auto dialer
230.Automatic shutter control system with intelligent security system
231.Car security system
232.Wind Mill Control System
233.Remote cable disconnection system
234.Tele monitoring patient through Internet
235.Wireless security system
236.Sequential control system for conveyer system
237.On line weighing balance
238.PLC based motor protection system
239.Boiler Controller
240.Automatic room control system
241.Telephone interface security system
242.Digital Taxi Meter
243.GPS-Based Accident Identification System for Vehicles
244.GPS Based train or bus or Aircraft Collision Avoidance
245.Serial Port Security Key
246.Anesthesia Control System for Medical Application
247.Maximum Demand Control
248.Weight& Height Measurement with printer Facility
249.Telephone Operated Motor Control
250.Sound Level Meter
251.Reactive Power Compensation
252.Locker Security Monitor
253.Remote control Using Modem
254.Automatic Bus Fare System Using RFID
255.Stroboscope based speed control system
256.Luminosity Meter
257.Wireless Voting Machine
258.Wireless Keypad
259.Video signal transmitter
260.Remote Security System
261.Wireless Door Control System
262.Remote control using GSM
263.IR Remote Control
264.Capacitance Meter
266.Remote Mouse Controlled Automation
267.Time Annunciation
268.Secured Data Acquisition System
269.Single Phase Preventer
270.Automatic Street Light ON-OFF Controller
270.Electronic Circuit Breaker
271.Refrigeration Using Remote Modem Interface
272.I.V. Drip Through Motor Controller
273.Telephone Line Monitor
274.Personal Safety And Tracking Through GPS
275.Ultrasonic Level Monitor
276.RF Based Automation
277.Card Based Message Transferring.
278.RF .Card Based Security Accessing.
279.RF Based Billing System.
280.RF Based Data Retrieving System
281.RF Based House Security System
282.IVRS Based Data
283.Status Updating through Card System
284.Data feeding system through card.
285.Data Sharing through communication port with LCD Display
286.Field Identification System
287.ID Card Identification
288.Device Switching through Card System.
289.Device Switching through Finger Reorganization System.
290.Automatic Voice Dialer
291.Power Theft Indicator
292.Phone Book Dialer
293Rescue Indicator
294.Chemical Titration
295.Load Sharing using DC Motors
296.Temperature Voice Announcement System

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