·         The problem summery may be a concise description of the industry related technical issues which can state the problem, which the student has found out while visiting the industry.

  The problem statement has to be well defined in 3-5 pages with detailed facts and figures as and when possible. The description can have figures/inputs from floor persons from industries/ parameters related to specific domain of technology.

·         The students while interacting with industry persons have to note down the expected out comes (in 1-2 page) from that particular industry due to the proposed innovation either in product or processes. This will gauge the industrial needs and students progress while working on the final year project.

·         The students are advised to do some literature research related to the corresponding problem/innovation both before and after visiting the industry/MSME during summer vacation. They have to suggest some suggestions about the issues based on literature research of corresponding problems/projects in feasible cases.

The format of documentation may be slightly modified as per the need of specific branch. For example in the documentation of any industrial waste, one may have to state. (Composition of waste, type of waste (Solid, Liquid, Gas, Semi-Solid), quantity of waste etc.
The problem/project reports are scouted from Industries have to be submitted to Departmental HODs of corresponding GTU College in softcopy. GTU will evaluate them in August 2011 as a part of Curriculum.

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